September 12, 2009

Fears and Tears

Hello my Darlings,

I burned up some boxes tonight even though it rained. Remember the tale of the unknown critter growling in the dark from the other night? well, I thought lighting a small fire with a lot of smoke would help discourage any ideas of continued lurking about. He or it was only twenty feet away! I so worry about my dogs and as it is Autumn, it is also time for the bears to start fattening up, right?

Yesterday was honoring those lost at the Twin towers. It was so difficult and I cried again. I often wonder if the tears will ever stop. I can only imagine the heartbreak of having to survive a lost beloved one. Bearing witness to the awful event itself is heartbreaking enough. My prayers go out to them.

I spent the day with puffy eyes and looked like the witch from the west from the Wizard of Oz, that ugly green one? I didn't feel pretty at all yesterday. Puffy, red eyes. I know darlin, stop doing that and I thank you. I still think you have me confused with some other lovely ladies though.

I believe the Loons have flown south now. I no longer hear them on the lake and the leaves are starting to fall from the trees. They have not all turned colors yet but a few are starting to fall. I must get winter coats and boots once again. Such joys of being single. Will we shop together one day? let me know.

I sign off now my darlings, since we know you have a calling. Please take care and stay safe, God Bless.
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