December 02, 2009

Seasons Greetings

Greetings my Friends,

I hope you are well and in good spirits with the upcoming holidays. I do believe that I heard you have been nice this year and Santa will pop, poof, hop or waddle by your way as you deserve a Christmas and wonderful holidays. Make sure you get your stockings hanging up and cookies out, too.

Do you remember those stocking hats? I had one that I would not part with even after they went out of style but it poofed one year and I never saw it again. Joys of our childhood huh? Thankfully, there are patterns out now to make one and fleece is awesome fabric. Shall I tuck one under the tree for you?

Snow has finally arrived in the Borealis forest and is about half foot deep now, wow! big snowflakes but cloudy, cloudy skies. Roads were hazardous and too slick to drive even with snow tires. We still found ourselves sliding around so had to creep back home. So much for sneaking away for Christmas shopping.

I didn't even get the chance to get my lights up yet but I have to get a new outdoor power cord since a dog (not mine!) chewed the last cord. Add to the joy of trying to find somebody to go up on a ladder since I am too scared of heights. Yeah, it's only a few feet but add my own height and it looks way too high, silly phobia, yeah.

I am back to drinking tea in the evenings and now added hot chocolate and apple cider for these chillier days. I will have to pick up marshmallows also for the hot chocolate. Temperatures still are not too bad though. Not quite to the normal -30+ or wicked wind chill but I might be jinxing myself now.

I will put my Christmas tree up around December 10 and take it down about two weeks after New Years. Some people think that's too long but I love gazing at the tree with all those colorful lights. I hang decorations from the ceiling and the lights just add such colorful displays. How can anybody resist that?

I know time is short for you and must run. I will leave these for you and hope you least leave with a chuckle --> Christmas Jokes

(Q) What do reindeer hang on their Christmas trees?
(A) Horn-aments!

(Q) Where do snowmen go to dance ?
(A) Snowballs!

(Q) What did the guest sing at the Eskimo's Christmas party ?
(A) Freeze a jolly good fellow!

(Q) What do you get when you cross an archer with a gift-wrapper?
(A) Ribbon hood.

I hope you have wonderful holidays and a Merry Christmas. Please take care and stay safe.

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