November 26, 2009

Blessed Thanksgiving

Hello my Friends,

I hope you have a wonderful Thanksgiving Day. Today is Thanksgiving 2009 and I know you are far from home but hope you know, you are in many hearts and thoughts at many tables, including mine. You hold a special place of honour and there is none more deserving.

I hope you have a day surrounded with friends and a round of some sort of sports going on, to build up your appetite. Remember to drink a lot of water also to keep you well hydrated. One must practice patience while waiting for the phone line or internet to clear up. I know it gets annoying but you will have your chance to send your message to family. I was once told, when it seems there are obstacle to something we want right now, it's a lesson being given in patience. What are your thoughts on that?

I quite enjoy the variety of turkey images that are available online. Some really great and humorous graphic artists. A favorite commercial of mine is the bunny clucking like a chicken, for Easter. First time I heard that, I thought I'd die of laughter. Wow! some good marketing tactics out there, don't you think? I think there should be lots more turkey gobble audio sounds on tv commercials too.

Plates of turkey, spuds, vegetables, gravy and beverages with pumpkin pie or other favorite desserts. Top off with a glass of wine and toast to you and fellow man for all that we have, this I wish for you and me. Mind you, I'd have to recommend that nobody let me near the stove to cook. I'm still sort of charring mine.

Finish with conversations of all that's good, funny and loved. A round of games maybe? would you even have the energy or will you doze off? How about a round of partner Skip-bo? I've played where people have forgotten that they even had partners and risk their game. :)

The night will settle in slowly and is time for rest soon. I know you must run and I won't keep you. I leave this last little bit for you, hope you chuckle ;

The three days following Thanksgiving are commonly referred to as:

a) the Marathon Football Endurance Test
b) the Turkey Variations Endurance Test
c) the Leftover Relative Endurance Test

I wish you a Blessed Thanksgiving, my darling(s). Please take care and stay safe, k.

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