October 21, 2009

Cuddling Season

Hello My Darlings,

I hope you are good this day. Not sure how the weather is for you but here in the Borealis forest the trees are stripping fast, hardly saw any colors, winds are getting chillier and even my dogs are getting thicker coats, not sure about the hair ball.

I will have to stock up on my wild bird seed for the winter another item for my To-do list, notice that? I also have to stock up on some Halloween candy quickly and some sort of costume to greet the kids at the door. My one son wants to dress as a nurse and the other one is too busy laughing. I think a fancy chef hat and mustachio of some sort will work just fine for him rather than try to make a M&M costume.

I perused through some Youtube videos to learn how to make this, that, and the other thing. Whipping up some sort of halloween costume shouldn't be too hard. Still not sure I want to style my hair into some sort of huge, fluffy, poofy ball. Will I have knots and tangles I won't be able to get out? I really don't want to terrify the children that come to the door either.

I don't even have any halloween decorations up yet! usually I have spiders (ewww!) ghosts, black cats and pumpkins around. One year the ghosts and spiders were hanging too close to the door and they would get tangled up around people at the door. A sight indeed, really. Another addition to my to-do list.

Doesn't it seem as if one holiday comes right up after another? About a week after my bithday I will hang Christmas decorations. One set of decorations come down and another set of holiday decorations goes up. I enjoy the smiles from the kids even my overgrown boys. It's not the work that makes holidays so special but the people involved and the give and take. It's a special moment that should be enjoyed, don't you think? not to mention that I really do enjoy the decorating. :)

I absolutely love that move, Bringing Down the House and that dance scene with Steve Martin all dressed hip hop? just awesome. I should learn how to do some hip hop moves and not just basic dance steps. Maybe you and I will get the chance to dance together irregardless if you have two left feet. Dancing is a awesome cardiovascular work out for the body too.

Well, I know you can not stay long as duty calls. I found this and hopefully will leave a chuckle ---> Why was the energizer bunny arrested? He was charged with battery. I hope you take great care and please stay safe.

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