October 01, 2009

Task at Hand

Hello my Darlins,

I hope you are well. The butterflies, roses and flowers definitely distract me from the chilliness of the oncoming winter. Thank you, and they take me to places in the heart where you reside. :) I really wouldn't mind having hot toddies with you one day so just call and give me a time and date, k?

I was talking to a gal pal of mine who owns a store and she was telling me her tenant horror story. It really is sad that people with mental instability can wreak such havoc on others. At least my gal pal felt whole again after talking with me about her ordeal going through the legal system. There really needs to be some sort of protection against such acts, it's awful for any person or business to have to be so vulnerable to such attacks from people with a psychological diagnosis.

I am looking so forward to watching a favorite series on HBO, Dexter. Yes, I know, I so go on about that show but there are others I enjoy too, like True Blood, Bones, Heroes, and upcoming SG-U may prove to be interesting. Also started watching NCIS-Los Angeles and the new season of NCIS. These shows have drama, humor and action. What more could a gal ask for now?

I bought Star Trek, Undiscovered Country. My sons said, where's part IV and V? I only bought my favorite ones first and will now have to finish the collection. I thought Freddie vs Jason was real dumb then Alien vs Predator came out and thought, what?! I got around to watching it and actually enjoyed that and yes, I even bought the AVP,Requiem. Not that a prospect of such creatures existing on Earth would be a joy but the stories were done well, least I think so. My sons want me to get the Aliens series now on top of the Sopranos!

I am still waiting on the new schedules for Generation Kill and True Blood. I keep surfing the satellite channels to make sure I don't miss it or go online to check which only tells me to watch for upcoming schedules. Yeah, ok, real informative.

Yes, I have this routine of nights where I kick the boys out or they actually sit and join me (amazing really) to watch my show. Usually they have it on the Leafs channel or some other sports. They hate trying to watch figure skating, decorating, boxing or horse racing with me but don't mind baseball and definitely, hockey.

I still can't decide if I have a good T.V. or not. It's a LCD 32' and another gal pal I know has a plasma and way bigger than mine. What is up with this size thing anyways, really. So, am still trying to figure which is better. I love mine though as far as I'm concerned. Fits perfectly into my little 'Dollhouse'.

Look at the time and I know you must run. Alright, will leave you with this and hope you get a chuckle --> If farmers had cut dairy product prices, would it be OK to say that farmers cut the cheese? I send my prayers out for God to keep you safe. Take care my Darlins and will wait.


September 28, 2009

Cold Season Prep

Hello my Darlings,

I hope this writing finds you safe and well. Can you believe we had thunder storms the last two days? wow. Now it's downright chilly and I am considering turning on the furnace yet again. I didn't even get to go sit outside with my cup of tea to enjoy the stars since there are clouds and the wind is cold and too blustery. Mind you, I love listening to the wind in the trees. Such a beautiful sound.

I packed up my summer clothes into their respective totes, bags and boxes then pulled out my winter clothes including my pink longjohns. I am not sure where I packed my winter boots and might have to look in the crawl space. Not sure I want to go there with spiders running amok. Oh, they are just to creepy looking and yes, my arachnophobia is showing once again, I know, pardon me.

The trees are looking more bare each day and the leaves on the ground are accumulating in number. Am I supposed to rake the leaves? they are just getting blown all over the place and I do live in the forest. I suppose it would be a rather silly task to do and I can't stand when the rake gets caught in the grass and the bushes. End up playing tug-a-war for my rake!

I do believe that new winter coats are overdue. I hope that I can find ones for extreme cold weather. It's almost difficult finding these coats around here and will most likely require me to go to the cities. Such a long way east or west too and all I want to do is sleep when in the car. A great companion to drive with, don't you think?

A notice went out about more bear sightings. I read a story about a bear attack in British Columbia and importance of having pepper spray on hand. Not sure I would want to spray a bear, get him or her mad just to get time to run away. Can you imagine? I'm scared just thinking about it.

Well, I won't keep you my darlings. I will leave this here ---> The sixth sick sheik's sixth sheep's sick. I hope you have fun with it and want you to please take care and stay safe.

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