October 08, 2009


Hello My Darlings,

I hope you are doing well and safe. It is definitely cooler outside and to the point where we must wear a coat. Flu shot clinics are getting setting up and offered in phases and I must wait till October according to the calendar which is ok. I haven't had the flu in a long time unless you call the side effects of getting the shot, having the flu. Usually I am just tired and sleepy but nothing else really after I get a flu shot and my shoulder will be tender. I hope you get one too and therefore staying healthy.

I was cutting up a steak for some stew in the slow cooker and of course just have to nick a slice on my finger, nothing bad, just a nick. Now it feels awkward typing and had to change my band aid twice. I have tried getting my dogs to wear dog sweaters but to no effect. I always found them torn to shreds and pointless to try getting them to wear one. I feel better when they do wear them but as soon as I'm gone they chew, roll, etc., until it's no longer on them. I have tried for a few years too and should maybe email the Dog Whisperer about that one.

The cat was inside the bag of dog food once again. My son was wondering why she was suddenly getting *plump* and round. Least now we know and we got to figure out where to put the dog food since the cat will slice through the bottom of the dog food bag. I am guessing that I will have to get a large storage container to solve that problem, silly cat. I still think they look like rats but dont' tell my son.

I am quite happy there are no flies or mosquitoes and a time to celebrate. Maybe gather for a hot toddy? hot apply cider or hot chocolate will do also. It's nice to take a break from tea now and again and no bugs flying around. No more midnight buzzing or annoying morning ones either. We can hang the fly swatter up to retire for the season at long last.

I will have to call my sons uncle for a favor. My other son wants to go hunting but has no idea about it whatsoever. He does go out and snare rabbits for his grandmother each fall but hunting a deer is a different sort altogether! deer stew tastes amazing and a dish that my boys have loved, since they were tiny. He doesn't know what's involved with hunting so I will have to get his uncle to take him out into the forest and show him how it's done. I hope he doesn't think of Bambi.

A birthday is upcoming. I've already given him his birthday money to buy whatever it is he is looking to get. He will go off with his father to either Winnipeg or Thunder Bay to get his guitar thingy. It's not a whammy bar but some sort of guitar distortion pedal somethingorother. They are missing their jam sessions on the roof already. I don't know how they manage that because I can't get beyond four feet in the air.

Alright, I know you are busy and must run off to your duties. I will leave this for you --> Six slippery snails slid slowly seaward. I hope you take care and please stay safe.

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